Table of Content
Editorial Board
  • Prof. Ankit Agrawal

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

    Interests: artificial intelligence, high performance data mining, materials Informatics, healthcare informatics, social media analytics, bioinformatics

  • Dr. Timon Rabczuk

    Institute of Structural Mechanics, Bauhaus University Weimar, GERMANY

    Interests: constitutive modeling, material instabilities, fracture, strain localization, numerical methods (extended finite element and mesfhree methods), isogeometric analysis, computational fluid-structure interaction, biomechanical engineering

  • Prof. Guoren Wang

    School of Computer Science & Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: big data management, data-intensive computing, unstructured data management, distributed query processing & optimization technologies and bioinformatics

Associate Editors-in-Chief
  • Prof. Qi Liu

    School of Computer and Software, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, CHINA

    Interests: IoT continuum, emergency management and warning, energy management systems, cloud service provision and artificial intelligence

  • Dr. Ajay Modi


    Interests: data center networking, data network analysis, network performance, network monitoring, network debugging and quality of service

  • Dr. Ye Yuan

    School of Computer Science And Engineering, Northeastern University, CHINA

    Interests: cloud computing, big data management (including graph data management, uncertain data management, data privacy protection), P2P computing

Founding and Honorary Editor
  • Prof. Satya N. Atluri

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, USA

    Interests: aerospace engineering, computer modeling in engineering & the sciences

Editorial Board Members
  • Dr. Pinar Acar

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

    Interests: computational multi-scale modeling of materials, optimization, uncertainty quantification, reduced order modeling, machine learning

  • Prof. Brent Adams

    College of Engineering, Brigham Young University, USA

    Interests: grain boundaries and defect sensitive properties, Microstructures for highly-constrained design

  • Prof. Sondipon Adhikari

    James Watt School of Engineering, The University of Glasgow, UK

    Interests: uncertainty quantification (UQ) in computational mechanics, dynamics of complex engineering systems, nanomechanics, vibration energy harvesting

  • Prof. Afrand Agah

    Department of Computer Science, West Chester University, USA

    Interests: security in sensor and mobile ad-hoc networks, intrusion detection, security and trust in pervasive computing, economic modeling of security protocols

  • Dr. Thangarajah Akilan

    Department of Software Engineering, Lakehead University, CANADA

    Interests: object/action recognition, image/video processing and segmentation, and data fusion using statistical techniques, machine/deep learning, and natural language processing

  • Prof. Olivier Allix

    ENS Paris-Saclay, FRANCE

    Interests: security in sensor and mobile ad-hoc networks, intrusion detection, security and trust in pervasive computing, economic modeling of security protocols

  • Prof. Pedro M.A. Areias

    Instituto Superior Técnicodisabled, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

    Interests: scientific computing, computational mechanics, plasticity and fracture

  • Prof. Anasse Bari

    Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Computer Science, New York University, USA.

    Interests: data mining, machine learning, bio-inspired algorithms, data science and its practical applications to financial markets, social networks analytics, and healthcare, pedagogical approaches in computer science education/predictive analytics, biologically inspired data analytics, and information retrieval

  • Prof. David M Barnett

    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, USA

    Interests: dislocations in elastic solids, bulk, surface and interfacial waves in anisotropic elastic media, mechanics of piezoelectric and piezomagnetic materials, modeling of transport in fuel cell materials and of AFM usage to characterize charge distributions and impedance of fuel cell media

  • Prof. Ayech Benjeddou

    Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris (SUPMECA), FRANCE

    Interests: energy harvesting for wireless structural health monitoring of composite structures, multilayer benders for medical applications, smart composites for connected structures and semi-analytical solutions for smart structures and laminated compsites

  • Prof. Stephane Bordas

    School of Engineering, Cardiff University, UK; Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, University of Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

    Interests: computational mechanics with an emphasis on moving discontinuities, method development, evolving discontinuities, high performance computing, surgical simulation, biomechanics, microstructurally-faithful material modelling, multiscale simulation, model reduction techniques

  • Prof. Rene de Borst

    Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, The University of Sheffielddisabled, UK

    Interests: computer simulations of materials and structures, engineering mechanics and engineering materials, fracture, computational mechanics, frictional materials, and is of relevance in civil engineering, structural engineering, and aerospace engineering

  • Dr. Ramin Bostanabad

    Samueli School of Engineering, University of California, UK

    Interests: design under uncertainty, probabilistic machine learning, materials informatics, computational microstructure characterization, topology optimization

  • Dr. Roberto Brighenti

    Department of Engineering & Architecture, University of Parma, ITALY

    Interests: mechanics of soft and functional materials, computational mechanics, particle method, meshless methods, structural optimisation, composite materials, buckling and fracture, discontinuous F.E., multiaxial fatigue modelling and assessment

  • Dr. Curt Bronkhorst

    Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

    Interests: mechanics of materials, computational mechanics, materials science

  • Dr. Venkatesh Botu

    Corning Incorporateddisabled, USA

    Interests: machine learning, computational material science, materials informatics, materials design, optimization

  • Prof. Pedro Camanho

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Porto, PORTUGAL

    Interests: mechanics of deformation and fracture of advanced polymer composite materials at different length and timescales, and new concepts for lightweight composite materials and structures for aerospace applications such as hybrid, nano-structured, multi-functional, variable-stiffness, morphing, energy-storage and ultra-thin composites

  • Dr. Stelvio Cimato

    Department of Computer Science, University of Milan, ITALY

    Interests: cryptography, data security, communication protocols

  • Prof. Suvranu De

    FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, USA

    Interests: multiscale modeling, soft tissue thermo-mechanics, scientific quantum computing, virtual reality for healthcare, noninvasive neuroimaging and neuromodulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Dr. Stratos Efstathiadis

    Department of Computer Science, New York University, USA

    Interests: high performance computing (HPC), secure research data environment

  • Prof. Vikram Desphande

    Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK

    Interests: mechanical behaviour of materials, metallic foams and cellular materials, mechanics of asphalt, discrete dislocation plasticity, and fatigue of a single crystal

  • Prof. Hamid Garmestani

    School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

    Interests: computational design, computational materials, fuel cell design, solar cells

  • Prof. Walter Herbert Gerstle

    Department of Civil Engineering, University Of New Mexico, USA

    Interests: computational structural engineering, computational mechanics

  • Dr. Raju Gottumukkala

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

    Interests: cyber physical systems, big data platforms, system resilience, modeling & verification of distributed systems, software defined networks, visual analytics, and evolutionary networks

  • Dr. Ian Foster

    Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, USA

    Interests: systems, scientific computing, data management

  • Prof. Bingsheng He

    Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE

    Interests: big data management systems, parallel and distributed systems, cloud computing

  • Dr. Kedar Hippalgaonkar

    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE

    Interests: energy, materials science & engineering, nanotechnology & nano-science, physics

  • Prof. Ning Hu

    School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, CHINA; Chongqing University, CHINA

    Interests: structural and functional composites, computational solids mechanics, structural engineering

  • Prof. Norbert Huber

    Institute of Materials Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, GERMANY

    Interests: aerospace structures, lightweight design, machine learning, nanoporous materials, mechanics of deformation

  • Dr. Katherine Herbert

    College of Science and Mathematics, Montclair State University, USA

    Interests: data sciences in scientific data sets, bioinformatics, data quality, data cleaning, data Integration, data mining, knowledge discovery

  • Dr. Julian Jang-Jaccard

    School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Massey Unicersity, NEW ZEALAND

    Interests: cybersecurity (identity management, intrusion detection, trustworthy system, cloud storage, applied cryptography), privacy protection techniques (data anonymization and Homomorphic encryption) for big data analytics

  • Dr. Moe A. Khaleel

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

    Interests: nuclear and uranium science, high-performance computing, geographic information science, cyber security science and advanced manufacturing

  • Prof. Fitratullah Khan

    Department of Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

    Interests: computer architecture, networking, mobile solar energy systems

  • Prof. Kouichi Sakurai

    Department of Informatics, Kyushu University, JAPAN

    Interests: post-quantum cryptography, privacy protection data analysis, cryptocurrency (bitcoin), countermeasure method against network and computer attacks, security psychology, cyberinsurance

  • Prof. Ellen Kuhl

    School of Engineering, Stanford University, USA

    Interests: living matter physics, the design of theoretical and computational models to simulate and predict the behavior of living systems

  • Dr. Rakesh M. Jha

    Centre for Electromagnetics of CSIR, National Aerospace Laboratories, INDIA

    Interests: antenna radiation patterns, adaptive antenna arrays, dipole antenna arrays, frequency selective surfaces, linear antenna arrays, numerical analysis, active antenna arrays, aircraft,antenna accessories, antenna arrays, antenna feeds, antenna phased arrays, array signal processing, conformal antennas, electromagnetic coupling, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic metamaterials, electromagnetic wave scattering, embedded systems, fuzzy logic, least mean squares methods, metamaterial antennas, microstrip antennas, neural nets, optimisation

  • Prof. Shaofan Li

    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California-Berkeley, USA

    Interests: AI, peridynamics, soft matter mechanics

  • Prof. Kim-Meow Liew

    Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, City University Hong Kong, CHINA

    Interests: computational mechanics; multiscale and multi-physics modeling; sustainable materials and engineering; nano and multifunctional materials; optimization; fire-inspired research

  • Prof. Zi-Kui Liu

    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA

    Interests: additive manufacturing, chemistry, computational materials, ferroelectrics, metals

  • Prof. Wingkam Liu

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

    Interests: advanced and additive manufacturing, multi-functional composites, biomechanics of adolescent Idiopathic scoliosis using data-mining methods, machine learning finite element methods, mechanistic data science for STEM education and applications

  • Prof. Laura de Lorenzis

    Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND

    Interests: fracture and fatigue mechanics, contact and interface mechanics, modeling and simulation of additive manufacturing processes

  • Dr. Xiaosong Ma

    Qatar Computing Research Institute, QATAR

    Interests: resource management, workload characterization, graph processing, distributed / cloud computing, high-performance storage systems

  • Prof. Rajiv Kumar Mandal

    Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University, INDIA

    Interests: quasicrystals, nanostructured materials, phase transformations, microstructural evoluation

  • Prof. Peter Middendorf

    Institute of Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart, GERMAN

    Interests: lightweight structures, aerospace engineering - astronomy thematic priority, fiber composite materials

  • Prof. Sabah Mohammed

    Department of Computer Science, Lakehead University, CANADA

    Interests: graph-based data analytics, schema first programming, translational medical informatics, internet of healthcare things

  • Prof. Krishnaiyengar Narasimhan

    Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, INDIA

    Interests: sheet metal forming, superplasticity, modelling and simulation

  • Dr. Linh Ngo

    Department of Computer Science, West Chester University, USA

    Interests: distributed systems, big data computing, cloud computing, computer science education

  • Dr. Hung Nguyen-Xuan

    Department of Computational Engineering, Vietnamese-German University, VIETNAM

    Interests: advanced development of robust computational methods, structural modeling, 3D-printing with enhancement of machine learning

  • Prof. Marco Paggi

    IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, ITALY

    Interests: structural mechanics and thermoelasticity, computational methods, material models, computational homogenization, numerical methods for coupled problems

  • Prof. Indranil Manna

    Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, INDIA

    Interests: microstructure-property-parameter correlation in nanometric and amorphous solids, laser and plasma assisted surface engineered components, bainitic and ODS steel and nano-fluid

  • Prof. Harold Park

    College of Engineering, Boston University, USA

    Interests: computational nanomechanics, mechanics of two-dimensional nanostructures, mechanics of soft, active materials, long timescale atomistic modeling for proteins and amorphous solids, coupled physics (electro and opto-mechanical) nanoscale phenomena

  • Dr. Tom Masino

    Akuna Capital, USA

    Interests: data engineering, analytics, machine learning

  • Prof. Cesare Pautasso

    Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano, SWITZERLAND

    Interests: web engineering, software architecture, business process management, service oriented computing, liquid software

  • Prof. Mario Pavone

    Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Catania, ITALY

    Interests: design and develops of metaheuristics applied in combinatorial optimization, computational biology, network sciences, social networks

  • Prof. Alessandro Reali

    Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia, ITALY

    Interests: computational mechanics: isogeometric methods, mixed finite element methods, advanced material modeling, innovative structural elements, strong-form methods, immersed methods, advanced simulation methods for fluids and fluid-structure interaction problems

  • Prof. Anthony Rollett

    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    Interests: computational materials science, manufacturing & materials microstructure

  • Prof. Jose Cesar de Sa

    Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, PORTUGAL

    Interests: non-linear computational mechanics, large deformations in elastoplasticity, finite element architecture, non-linear contact mechanics, damage and fracture modelling, modelling of material forming, metal forming and glass forming, multi-scale modelling, additive manufacturing

  • Dr. Cristophe Sabourin

    Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne, FRANCE

    Interests: robotics, intelligent systems, cognitive robotics, control, robot control, robust control, adaptive control, machine learning, automation & robotics, neural networks

  • Prof. Srinivas Sampalli

    Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, CANADA

    Interests: cyber security, risk mitigation, vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, emerging wireless technologies, mobile computing, applications of near field communications (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, smartphones, sensor networks and body area networks, applications of emerging wireless technologies in healthcare

  • Dr. Cesar Maldonado Sanin

    School of Engineering, The University of Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: robotics, ontologies, simulation, web engineering, augmented reality, computer modelling, project management, knowledge management, software engineering, knowledge engineering, decision support systems, engineering, economic analysis, innovation and commercialization, computer simulation and modelling, knowledge, representation, data science, industry 4.0, information technology

  • Prof. Roger A. Sauer

    Department of Civil Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology, POLAND

    Interests: nonlinear continuum mechanics, advanced finite element methods, multiscale methods, contact mechanics, biomechanical adhesion, nonlinear membrane and shell theories, self-cleaning surface mechanisms, biological cell membranes

  • Dr. Dominik Schillinger

    Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA

    Interests: computational mechanics, isogeometric immersed boundary and collocation methods, large-scale parallel computing, biomechanics, engineering mechanics, and structural dynamics

  • Prof. Bernhard A. Schrefler

    Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials, University of Padova, ITALY

    Interests: environmental geomechanics, soil science and reservoir engineering, biomedical engineering, structural and materials engineering, fusion technology

  • Dr. Syed Imran Shafiq

    Mechanical Engineering Section, Aligarh Muslim University, INDIA

    Interests: industrial engineering, manufacturing, knowledge engineering, simulation, computational intelligence, industry 4.0

  • Dr. Victor S. Sheng

    Department of Computer Science, Texas Tech University, USA

    Interests: big data science, data mining and machine learning, deep learning, crowdsourcing, data privacy and security, applications in business, medical informatics, and software engineering, etc.

  • Dr. Abena Primo

    Department of Computer Science, Huston-Tillotson University, USA

    Interests: machine learning, biometrics, mobile computing

  • Dr. Akbar Siami-Namin

    Department of Computer Science, Texas Tech University, USA

    Interests: software engineering, testing, and program analysis, cyber security and secure programming, energy−aware software engineering, empirical software engineering, statistical data analysis

  • Prof. Vadim V. Silberschmidt

    School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

    Interests: damage and fracture evolution in microstructured materials, numerical analysis of complex deformational behaviour, damage and fracture of advanced materials under various loading conditions, mechanics of composites and nanocomposites, mechanics of biological and biomedical materials, dynamic deformation, damage and fracture, impact fatigue, analysis of ultrasonically assisted machining, mechanics of processes and manufacturing methods in advanced materials, micromechanics and reliability of microelectronic materials, mechanics and micromechanics of nonwoven materials, modelling of sports materials

  • Dr. Siuly Siuly

    Victoria University, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: biomedical signal processing, epileptic seizure detection and prediction, brain-computer interface (BCI), artificial intelligence, data mining, pattern recognition for developing computer-aided analysis systems

  • Dr. Alex Rudniy

    Department of of Computer Science, University of Scranton, USA

    Interests: artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, cyber security, natural language processing, cloud computing, databases, software engineering, data warehouses

  • Dr. Adam Slowik

    Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Koszalin University of Technology, POLAND

    Interests: soft computing, computational intelligence, and, particularly, bio-inspired optimization algorithms and their engineering applications

  • Dr. Jeonghoon Song

    College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

    Interests: computational multiscale analysis for failure, computational multiphysics analysis for coupled field interactions, computational material design and analysis, model reduction for real-time computing

  • Prof. Paul Steinmann

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, GERMANY; James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK

    Interests: geometrically non-linear continuum mechanics and continuum physics with a strong focus on computational engineering

  • Dr. Sudha Subramani

    Information Technology Discipline, Victoria University, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: data mining, machine learning, text mining, social media analytics, deep learning

  • Prof. Anandh Subramaniam

    Materials Science and Engineering and Center for Environmental Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, INDIA

    Interests: nanocrystals and nanostructures, high entropy alloys (disordered structures), simulations at the nanoscale using finite element method, hydrogen storage in hybrids

  • Prof. Veera Sundararaghavan

    College of Engineering, University of Michigan, USA

    Interests: integrated computational materials engineering (ICME), crystal plasticity, microstructures, atomistic simulations, materials informatics and quantum Computing

  • Prof. Kazunori Takashio

    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, JAPAN

    Interests: cloud network robotics, social robotics, human-robot interaction, ubiquitous computing

  • Prof. Kang-Hai Tan

    School of Civil & Enviroment Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE

    Interests: structural fire engineering, steel structures, structural engineering, numerical modelling, construction material

  • Prof. Thanh Tran-Cong

    School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of Southern Queensland, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: computational fluid and solid mechanics, numerical methods, computational engineering

  • Prof. Moneesh Upmanyu

    College of Engineering, Northeastern University, USA

    Interests: computational techniques that span multiple scales, atomic to continuum, to quantify the structure property relations in established and emerging material systems, both in technology and nature

  • Prof. Priya Vashishta

    School of Engineering, University of Southern California, USA

    Interests: chemical engineering and materials science, biomedical engineering, computer science, and physics and astronomy

  • Prof. Shengping Shen

    School of Aerospace, Xi'an Jiaotong University, CHINA

    Interests: functional materials, structures coupling between mechanics, chemistry nanomechanics, multiscale method strength of aircraft structures fatigue, fracture meshless method

  • Dr. Phu Nguyen

    Department of Civil Engineering,Monash University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: computational solid mechanics, computational failure (damage/fracture) mechanics, phase-field fracture/damage modelling, large deformation mechanics (MPM and mesh free methods)

  • Dr. Nhat Vo

    Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu, FINLAND

    Interests: multimedia and image processing, vision tracking, facial expression recognition, deep learning, machine learning and mobile applications

  • Dr. Haim Waisman

    Civil Engineering &Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University, USA

    Interests: computational mechanics with a focus on fracture and damage mechanics considering the multiphysics and multiscale response of materials

  • Prof. Yunzhi Wang

    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University, USA

    Interests: structural materials, functional materials, materials phenomena, computational materials science and engineering

  • Prof. Peter Wriggers

    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Leibniz Universität Hannover, GERMANY

    Interests: microstructure, material characteristics, materials, finite element analysis, material characterization, mechanical behavior of materials, mechanical properties, finite element modeling, structural analysis, numerical simulation

  • Prof. Jian-Ying Wu

    Department of Civil Engineering, South China University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: computational mechanics, material constitutive modeling, damage, fracture, finite element method

  • Dr. Hongyi Xu

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut, USA

    Interests: design, multi-disciplinary optimization, multi-fidelity optimization, uncertainty quantification, uncertainty propagation, surrogate modeling, data mining, microstructure, mesostructure, DfAM, multiscale modeling, lithium-ion battery, impact safety

  • Prof. Jessica Zhang

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    Interests: computational geometry, isogeometric analysis, finite element method, data-driven modeling, image processing, mesh generation, and their applications in computational biomedicine, materials science and engineering

  • Prof. Luwen Zhang

    School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CHINA

    Interests: computational mechanics, numerical modeling, nanocomposite and ocean engineering

  • Prof. Xiaoying Zhuang

    Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Leibniz University Hannover, GERMANY

    Interests: machine learning and computational mechanics for the modelling and design of novel photonic systems, metamaterials and nanostructures

  • Prof. Kottakkaran Sooppy Nisar

    Department of Mathematics, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, SAUDI ARABIA

    Interests: mathematical modelling, fractional calculus, fluid dynamics, energy, optimization techniques, special functions

  • Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey

    Department of Computer Science Engineering, Chitkara University, INDIA

    Interests: data mining, health informatics, optimization, machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and object-oriented programming

  • Dr. Saiful Islam

    School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: big data, intelligent data exploration, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and cyber security analysis

  • Dr. Jianxin Li

    School of Information Technology, Deakin University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: social network data analytics, complex network data mining, query processing and optimization, spatial temporal data processing

  • Prof. Xiaodong Liu

    School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

    Interests: AI-driven software engineering, focusing on pervasive systems (internet of things), service-oriented architecture, evolution of cloud services, and intelligence-driven smart systems

  • Dr. Mazin Abed Mohammed

    College of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Anbar, IRAQ

    Interests: artificial intelligence, data science, biomedical computing, big data analytics, deep learning, IoT

  • Dr. NZ Jhanjhi

    School of Computer Science, Taylor's University, MALAYSIA

    Interests: cybersecurity, wireless security, privacy, IoT, machine learning, cloud computing software engineering, and UAVs

  • Dr. Jawad Ahmad

    School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

    Interests: image encryption, machine learning, intrusion detection, multimedia encryption, choas

  • Prof. Sławomir T. Wierzchoń

    Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND

    Interests: computational intelligence, biologically inspired computations, machine learning, data analysis, and spectral graph theory

  • Prof. Shigen Shen

    School of Information Engineering, Huzhou University, CHINA

    Interests: internet of things, game theory, cyber security, machine learning, edge computing, privacy

  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq Sadiq

    School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering, University of Brighton, UK

    Interests: Neurorobotics, EEG signal processing, brain-computer interface, digital healthcare, digital construction, and artificial intelligence (AI)

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief
  • Prof. Xiaojing Zheng

    Department of Mechanics, Lanzhou University, CHINA

    Interests: high-reynolds-number wall turbulence laden with sand particles, electro-magneto-solid mechanics, nonlinear solid mechanics of elastic plates and shells

Emeritus Board Members
  • Dr. Vinod Tewary

    National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA

    Interests: quantum materials, two-dimensional materials - graphene and beyond, multiscale modeling of nanostructures, crystal defects, phonons, semiconductors

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