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An Exploratory Study on the Meaning of Using Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation among Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities

Li-yu Song*
Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Chengchi University, Taipei City, 11605, Taiwan
* Corresponding Author: Li-yu Song. Email:

International Journal of Mental Health Promotion 2022, 24(6), 975-988.

Received 20 January 2022; Accepted 20 June 2022; Issue published 28 September 2022


This study explores the meaning of the use of community psychiatric rehabilitation (CPR) services to gain knowledge to improve services and shed more light on how to facilitate recovery. The topics explored included: the motivation for participation, perception and expectation towards CPR, the interactions with professionals in the CPR Center, and the feelings towards activities. A qualitative approach was adopted, and 30 consumers were interviewed face-to-face by using semi-structured interview guide. Data were analyzed using the open coding method of grounded theory. The consumer accounts provided information on the eight aspects of CPR services. The findings revealed that the CPR Center created a lifeworld, a friendly place similar to home with structure and activities. Professional relationship was the key change agent for rehabilitation. Most professionals adopted recovery-oriented approach to empower participants by giving opportunities and choices. The essential ingredients of this lifeworld covered rehabilitation goals, physical exercises, psychological impact, social interactions, learning, and economic gains. The services were venues for interpersonal interactions and provided structure for daily life, which helped consumers reach their rehabilitation goals and brought existential meaning to their lives. Yet, the accounts also revealed negative phenomena in the CPR center. Suggestions were made to improve services.


Community psychiatric rehabilitation; persons with psychiatric disability; meaning; recovery; service utilization; rehabilitation goal

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Song, L. (2022). An Exploratory Study on the Meaning of Using Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation among Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities. International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 24(6), 975–988.

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