Vol.24, No.1, 2022, pp.95-114, doi:10.32604/ijmhp.2022.015169
Effect of Social Media Celebrities on Children’s Satisfaction with Their Body Image
  • Raja Omar Bahatheg*
Early Childhood Department, College of Education, King Saud University, Riyadh, 11362, Saudi Arabia
* Corresponding Author: Raja Omar Bahatheg. Email:
Received 26 December 2020; Accepted 26 May 2021; Issue published 20 December 2021
This study investigated the impact of social media and media on children’s body satisfaction in early childhood. The effect of social media and media on children’s body image and differences between girls’ and boys’ acceptance of their body image were explored. A questionnaire and an illustrated body satisfaction scale were distributed to a sample of 491 children in Saudi Arabia (246 girls, 245 boys) aged 5–7 years. The results revealed differences between children’s responses to the illustrated body satisfaction scale and questionnaire. Questionnaire data revealed children were satisfied with their body image (91.4%, standard deviation [SD] 0.53), skin color (91.2%, SD 0.53), and weight (79.6%) and did not want to change their shape (73.7%). However, the illustrated body satisfaction scale indicated many children wanted to be like social media celebrities (37.9%), television and film celebrities (32.6%), and famous singers (25.5%). No statistically significant differences were found between girls and boys in body satisfaction, although 66.9% of boys wanted the shape of their body to be more muscular, and girls wanted blue or green eyes and blond hair. This study also revealed Disney princesses had a major effect on girls compared with other media. The researcher recommends conducting longitudinal studies in Arab societies, particularly in Saudi Arabia, to explore the influence of celebrities on children as they age. Importantly, educational policymakers should include pictures of Arab children in the curricula instead of foreign children.
Body image; social media; body satisfaction; pre-school; children
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