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Arbitrary Stokes Flow About A Fixed or Freely-Suspended Slip Particle

A. Sellier

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2013, 96(3), 159-176.


The rigid-body migration of a slip and arbitrary-shaped solid particle freely suspended in a prescribed and arbitrary ambient Stokes flow is determined after calculating the hydrodynamic force and torque exerted on the particle when it either experiences a given rigid-body in a quiescent liquid or is held fixed in the ambient Stokes flow. It is also shown how one can subsequently obtain the velocity and surface traction on the particle boundary and thereafter, if necessary, the flow about the particle in the entire liquid domain. The advocated procedure extends a recent work (see Sellier (2012)) and consists in inverting at the most seven boundary problems involving coupled and regularized boundary-integral equations on the particle boundary. In addition to the numerical implementation, comparisons against analytical results for a spherical particle and numerical results for spheroids are given.


Stokes flow, Ambient flow, Navier slip condition, Boundary-integral equation, Boundary Element Method.

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Sellier, A. (2013). Arbitrary Stokes Flow About A Fixed or Freely-Suspended Slip Particle. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 96(3), 159–176.

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