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Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Arch Bridges Using Beam-Arch Segment Assembly

Wei-Xin Ren1,2,3, Cong-Cong Su1, Wang-Ji Yan1
Department of Civil Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, 410075, China
National Engineering Laboratory for High Speed Railway Construction, Changsha, 410075, China
Corresponding author. Tel: +86-731-82654349; Fax: +86-731-85571736. E-mail: (W.-X. Ren)

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2010, 70(1), 67-92.


A beam-arch segment assembly procedure is presented in this paper for the dynamic modelling and analysis of arch bridges. Such a beam-arch segment assembly is composed of different structural elements of arch bridges such as arch ribs (curved beams), suspenders, girders and floor beams. Based on the energy principle in structural dynamics, the stiffness matrix and mass matrix of such an assembly are formulated. The proposed procedure is then implemented to carry out the free vibration analysis of the Jian concrete filled tubular arch bridge. It is demonstrated that the proposed beam-arch segment assembly procedure is efficient with the advantages of less element numbers and enough accuracy. It is expected that this methodology can be an effective approach for the further dynamic response analysis of arch bridges under all kinds of dynamic loads such as earthquakes, winds and vehicles.


finite element method, assembly, arch bridge, natural frequency, mode shape, ambient vibration test

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Ren, W., Su, C., Yan, W. (2010). Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Arch Bridges Using Beam-Arch Segment Assembly. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 70(1), 67–92.

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