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Weight-Minimization of Sandwich Structures by a Heuristic Topology Optimization Algorithm

C. Tapp1, W. Hansel, C. Mittelstedt, W. Becker2
1 Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany, Mail:
2 University of Siegen, Siegen, Germany

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2004, 5(6), 563-574.


A heuristic algorithm for the weight minimization of sandwich plates is presented. The method is based on a preexisting algorithm for the layerwise topology optimization of symmetric laminates under in-plane loads. The presented algorithm uses structural analyses based on finite elements and explicitly accounts for the special sandwich situation. During the optimization procedure the algorithm adds or subtracts material from the layers of the face sheets and the core of the sandwich plate in regions of high or low stresses respectively. The orientation angles of the layers of the sandwich facings are not varied inorder to alloweasy manufacturing. Several variantsofthe algorithmare discussed. In contrast to agradient based optimization algorithm the heuristic procedure needs no sensitivity analyses, thus the computational effort is kept reasonably low. Examples lend credibilityto the presented optimizationmethod and showits efficiency in the weight reduction of sandwich plates.


Topology, Optimization, Sandwich structures, Algorithm, Composite materials, Finite element method

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Tapp, C., Hansel,, W. (2004). Weight-Minimization of Sandwich Structures by a Heuristic Topology Optimization Algorithm. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 5(6), 563–574.

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