Vol.1, No.1, 2000, pp.45-64, doi:10.3970/cmes.2000.001.045
A Methodology and Associated CAD Tools for Support of Concurrent Design of MEMS
  • B. F. Romanowicz1, M. H. Zaman1, S. F. Bart1, V. L. Rabinovich1, I. Tchertkov1, S. Zhang1, M. G. da Silva1, M. Deshpande1, K. Greiner1, J. R. Gilbert1, Shawn Cunningham2
Microcosm Technologies, Inc., 215 First St., Ste. 219, Cambridge, MA02142 U.S.A, Email: bfr@memcad.com.
Ford Microelectronics, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A.
Development of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) products is currently hampered by the need for design aids, which can assist in integration of all domains of the design. The cross-disciplinary character of microsystems requires a top-down approach to system design which, in turn, requires designers from many areas to work together in order to understand the effects of one sub-system on another. This paper describes current research on a methodology and tool-set which directly support such an integrated design process.
Micro-system, MEMS, CAD, macro-model, simulation
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Romanowicz, B. F., Zaman, M. H., Bart, S. F., Rabinovich, V. L., Tchertkov, I. et al. (2000). A Methodology and Associated CAD Tools for Support of Concurrent Design of MEMS. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 1(1), 45–64.
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