Special Issue "Modeling of Fluids Flow in Unconventional Reservoirs"

Submission Deadline: 30 April 2022
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Guest Editors
Prof. Jianchao Cai, China University of Petroleum, China
Prof. Victor Manuel Calo, Curtin University, Australia
Dr. Shuangmei Zou, China University of Geosciences, China


Unconventional oil/gas resources have become significant contributors to global hydrocarbon production in the past two decades and continue to grow in importance for the next few decades. Due to the complex pore structures and geological storage in unconventional rocks, it remains challenging to describe and model fluid flow and transport in unconventional reservoirs. Therefore, new multiscale, multiphase, and multiphysics transport modelling methods are being continuously developed to describe these complex flows within them.


This Special Issue aims to cover the recent advances and challenges for modelling low and transport for unconventional reservoirs, including shale gas/oil, coal seam gas, tight gas/oil, gas hydrate, etc. Papers that apply cutting-edge technologies and novel techniques to investigate flow and transport in unconventional reservoirs, case studies, and comprehensive overviews are all welcome.


Potential topics include but are not limited to:


Reservoir characterization

• New simulation methods

Multiphase flow

Multiscale modelling

Multiphysics modelling

• immiscible flow

Rock–fluid interface interactions

• Pore network modelling/Lattice Boltzmann modelling

Machine learning and big data applications for unlocking new insights in unconventional reservoirs production