Special Issue "Mechanical Reliability of Advanced Materials and Structures for Harsh Applications"

Submission Deadline: 30 April 2022
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Guest Editors
Prof. Xu Long, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Dr. Kim S Siow, National University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Prof. Chengqing Wu, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


In recent years, there is an increase in demands requiring materials and structures to be designed to withstand harsh environments, such as extreme high and low temperatures, high-speed impacts, high density of power and electric current. The harsh applications anticipate satisfactory service reliability of structures, which nevertheless are challenging to be investigated experimentally at an unaffordable cost. This provides the opportunities to perform numerical simulations or analyses to evaluate the reliability of structures with sufficiently accurate material models in harsh environments.


We initiate this Special Issue to report and discuss recent progress in various aspects of mechanical behaviour and reliability of advanced engineering materials and structures for harsh applications in different areas such as microelectronics, aeronautics and astronautics. This Special Issue welcomes original research and review articles on all aspects of advanced materials and structures with the knowledge and understanding of the processes and mechanisms that induce deterioration or failure to predict reliability and improve structural performance. Topics of interest include (but not limited to):


• Constitutive models of materials in complicated loading applications

• Novel materials for electronic packaging structures

• Thermal management and advanced interconnection for high power devices

• Life prediction models and failure analysis

• New experimental methods to evaluate constitutive behaviour

• Reliability tests

• Machine learning algorithms and applications

Mechanical reliability; advanced materials and structures; harsh applications