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  • Beam Approximation for Dynamic Analysis of Launch Vehicles Modelled as Stiffened Cylindrical Shells
  • Abstract A beam approximation method for dynamic analysis of launch vehicles modelled as stiffened cylindrical shells is proposed. Firstly, an initial beam model of the stiffened cylindrical shell is established based on the cross-sectional area equivalence principle that represents the shell skin and its longitudinal ribs as a beam with annular cross-section, and the circumferential ribs as lumped masses at the nodes of the beam elements. Then, a fine finite element model (FE model) of the stiffened cylindrical shell is constructed and a modal analysis is carried out. Finally, the initial beam model is improved through model updating against the natural…
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  • Effect of RANS Model on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Train in Crosswinds Using DDES
  • Abstract Detached eddy simulation has been widely applied to simulate the flow around trains in recent years. The Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) model for delayed detached eddy simulation (DDES) is an essential user input. The effect of the RANS model for DDES on the aerodynamic characteristics of a train in crosswinds is investigated in this study. Three different DDES models are used, based on the Spalart-Allmaras model (SA), the realizable k-ε model (RKE), and the shear stress transport k-ω model (SST). Results show that all DDES models can give relatively accurate predictions of pressure coefficient on almost all surfaces. There are only…
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  • Fatigue Life Evaluation Method for Foundry Crane Metal Structure Considering Load Dynamic Response and Crack Closure Effect
  • Abstract To compensate for the shortcomings of quasi-static law in anti-fatigue analysis of foundry crane metal structures, the fatigue life evaluation method of foundry crane metal structure considering load dynamic response and crack closure effect is proposed. In line with the theory of mechanical vibration, a dynamic model of crane structure during the working cycle is constructed, and dynamic coefficients under diverse actions are analysed. Calculation models of the internal force dynamic change process of dangerous cross-sections and a simulation model of first principal stress-time history are established by using the steel structure design criteria, which is utilised to extract the…
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  • Advanced Feature Fusion Algorithm Based on Multiple Convolutional Neural Network for Scene Recognition
  • Abstract Scene recognition is a popular open problem in the computer vision field. Among lots of methods proposed in recent years, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based approaches achieve the best performance in scene recognition. We propose in this paper an advanced feature fusion algorithm using Multiple Convolutional Neural Network (MultiCNN) for scene recognition. Unlike existing works that usually use individual convolutional neural network, a fusion of multiple different convolutional neural networks is applied for scene recognition. Firstly, we split training images in two directions and apply to three deep CNN model, and then extract features from the last full-connected (FC) layer…
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  • The m-delay Autoregressive Model with Application
  • Abstract The classical autoregressive (AR) model has been widely applied to predict future data using m past observations over five decades. As the classical AR model required m unknown parameters, this paper implements the AR model by reducing m parameters to two parameters to obtain a new model with an optimal delay called as the m-delay AR model. We derive the m-delay AR formula for approximating two unknown parameters based on the least squares method and develop an algorithm to determine optimal delay based on a brute-force technique. The performance of the m-delay AR model was tested by comparing with the…
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  • Reusing the Evaluations of Basis Functions in the Integration for Isogeometric Analysis
  • Abstract We propose a new approach to reuse the basis function evaluations in the numerical integration of isogeometric analysis. The concept of reusability of the basis functions is introduced according to their symmetrical, translational and proportional features on both the coarse and refined levels. Based on these features and the parametric domain regularity of each basis, we classify the bases on the original level and then reuse them on the refined level, which can reduce the time for basis calculations at integration nodes. By using the sum factorization method and the mean value theorem for the integrals, a new integration method…
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  • Characteristic Tensor for Evaluation of Singular Stress Field Under Mixed-Mode Loadings
  • Abstract A characteristic tensor is defined using stress tensor averaged in a small circular domain at the crack tip and multiplied by the root of domain radius. It possesses the original stress tensor characteristics and has a simple relationship with conventional fracture-mechanics parameters. Therefore, it can be used to estimate stress intensity factors (SIFs) for cracks of arbitrary shape subjected to multiaxial stress loads. A characteristic tensor can also be used to estimate SIFs for kinked cracks. This study examines the relation between a characteristic tensor and SIFs to demonstrate the correlation between the characteristic tensor and fracture-mechanics parameters. Consequently, a…
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  • A Meaningful Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Prediction Error and Wavelet Transform
  • Abstract Image encryption (IE) is a very useful and popular technology to protect the privacy of users. Most algorithms usually encrypt the original image into an image similar to texture or noise, but texture and noise are an obvious visual indication that the image has been encrypted, which is more likely to cause the attacks of enemy. To overcome this shortcoming, many image encryption systems, which convert the original image into a carrier image with visual significance have been proposed. However, the generated cryptographic image still has texture features. In line with the idea of improving the visual quality of the…
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  • A Privacy Preserving Deep Linear Regression Scheme Based on Homomorphic Encryption
  • Abstract This paper proposes a strategy for machine learning in the ciphertext domain. The data to be trained in the linear regression equation is encrypted by SHE homomorphic encryption, and then trained in the ciphertext domain. At the same time, it is guaranteed that the error of the training results between the ciphertext domain and the plaintext domain is in a controllable range. After the training, the ciphertext can be decrypted and restored to the original plaintext training data.
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  • On Visualization Analysis of Stock Data
  • Abstract Big data technology is changing with each passing day, generating massive amounts of data every day. These data have large capacity, many types, fast growth, and valuable features. The same is true for the stock investment market. The growth of the amount of stock data generated every day is difficult to predict. The price trend in the stock market is uncertain, and the valuable information hidden in the stock data is difficult to detect. For example, the price trend of stocks, profit trends, how to make a reasonable speculation on the price trend of stocks and profit trends is a…
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