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Open Access

Open access (OA) refers to free and unrestricted online access to scientific and scholarly information. The concept of open access was firstly defined by The Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). Tech Science Press (TSP) defines open access by the followings: peer-reviewed article is freely available without subscription or price barriers, article is immediately released in open access format (no embargo period), and published material can be re-used without obtaining permission as long as a correct citation to the original publication is given.


TSP Open Access Information and Policy

Articles published by TSP are under an open access license, which means all OA content is fully open to all and free of charge. Published materials can be re-used if properly accredited and cited. Open access publication is supported by the authors' institutes or research funding agencies by payment of a comparatively low Article Processing Charge (APC) for accepted articles.


TSP journals publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License图片1.png and are using the CC BY license, TSP believes that open access publishing fosters the exchange of research results amongst scientists from different disciplines, thus facilitating interdisciplinary research. 


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