Vol.8, No.1, 2020, pp.57-68, doi:10.32604/jrm.2020.07773
Synthesis and Characterization of UV Oligomer based on Cardanol
  • Kunal Wazarkar, Anagha Sabnis*
Department of Polymer and Surface Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai-400019, India
* Corresponding Author: Anagha Sabnis. Email: as.sabnis@ictmumbai.edu.in
Received 26 June 2019; Accepted 02 September 2019; Issue published 01 January 2020
In the present research, cardanol based di-acrylic UV oligomer was synthesized by thiol-ene coupling followed by ring opening reaction with glycidyl methacrylate. The intermediate as well as final diacrylate materials were analyzed by chemical as well as spectroscopic analysis. Further, ultraviolet (UV) radiation curable formulations were prepared by replacing commercial epoxy acrylate with synthesized UV oligomer in 10-50 wt% and applied on wood panels. The coated films were then evaluated for their optical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. Studies showed that up to 30 wt% amount of UV oligomer the coatings exhibited at par mechanical and chemical properties. The stain resistance of all the coatings was observed to be excellent.
Cardanol; UV oligomer; renewable; radiation curable; sustainable
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Wazarkar, K., Sabnis, A. (2020). Synthesis and Characterization of UV Oligomer based on Cardanol. Journal of Renewable Materials, 8(1), 57–68.