Special Issue "15th Brazilian Polymer Conference (15th CBPol)"

Submission Deadline: 31 July 2020 (closed)
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Guest Editors
Antonio José Felix de Carvalho, Professor, Engineering School of São Carlos, São Paulo State University, São Carlos, Brazil;
Antonio Aprigio da Silva Curvelo, Professor, Chemical Institute of São Carlos (IQSC) , University of São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil;
Daniel Pasquini, Associate Professor, Chemistry Institute, Federal University of Uberlândia, Uberlândia,Brazil;


This special issue is intend to publish the best works presented in the 15th Brazilian Polymer Conference which is the most important congress in the field in Brazil, receiving approximately 1000 lectures. More information can be taken in the conference home page at: http://www.cbpol.com.br

Polymers; Biopolymers; Natural polymers; Giodegradable ploymers; Monomers and composites

Published Papers
  • Study of the Superficial Modification of Sisal Fibres with Lignin, and Its Use As a Reinforcement Agent in Cementitious Composites
  • Abstract The objective of this work was to evaluate different superficial treatments of sisal fibres employing lignin, and their use as a reinforcement agent in cementitious composites. The treatments consisted of superficially impregnating sisal fibres (S) with organosolv lignin (LO), organosolv lignin and glutaraldehyde (LOG), Kraft lignin (LK) and Kraft lignin and glutaraldehyde (LKG). The fibre modifications were verified by FTIR-ATR and SEM analyzes, and the presence of lignin on the surface of the fibres was evidenced, confirming the effectiveness of the treatments. The mechanical, thermal (by TGA) and water absorption properties of the fibres before and after the modifications were… More
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