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Sound & Vibration is a journal intended for individuals with broad-based interests in noise and vibration, dynamic measurements, structural analysis, computer-aided engineering, machinery reliability, and dynamic testing. The journal strives to publish referred papers reflecting the interests of research and practical engineering on any aspects of sound and vibration. Of particular interest are papers that report analytical, numerical and experimental methods of more relevance to practical applications.

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  • Implementation of a Biometric Interface in Voice Controlled Wheelchairs
  • Abstract In order to assist physically handicapped persons in their movements, we developed an embedded isolated word speech recognition system (ASR) applied to voice control of smart wheelchairs. However, in spite of the existence in the industrial market of several kinds of electric wheelchairs, the problem remains the need to manually control this device by hand via joystick; which limits their use especially by people with severe disabilities. Thus, a significant number of disabled people cannot use a standard electric wheelchair or drive it with difficulty. The proposed solution is to use the voice to control and drive the wheelchair instead… More
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  • Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Burla Town, India; An Inclusive Annoyance Study
  • Abstract Noise pollution is one of the major public health problems in urban areas throughout the world. Noise is unwanted sound which produces undesirable problems in day to day life of human being (e.g., physiological and psychological problems). Rapid increase of the industrialization, urbanization, infrastructure, volume of motor vehicles, and increase in the road networks brought noise pollution to the highest level of disaster in a current situation. In urban areas, road traffic noise plays commanding role among all noise sources and affects the exposed inhabitants. The present work is done to evaluate and assess the traffic noise and its effects… More
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  • The Acoustic Performance of 3D Printed Multiple Jet Nozzles with Different Configurations
  • Abstract This work investigated multiple jet nozzles with various geometrical shape, number of exits, and material on reducing noise radiated from jet flows. Nozzles are categorized in two groups with few and many exit numbers, each with various exit shapes, slot and circular, and geometry. Firstly, nozzles are designed and then fabricated by a 3D printer, Form Labs, Form2USA, with polymeric resin. Also, the nozzle with the most noise reduction made of stainless steel. Noise and air thrust were measured at three air pressure gauges, 3, 5, 7 BAR and directions from nozzle apex, 30°, 90°, 135°. Nozzles with slot exit… More
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  • Sound Signal Based Fault Classification System in Motorcycles Using Hybrid Feature Sets and Extreme Learning Machine Classifiers
  • Abstract Vehicles generate dissimilar sound patterns under different working environments. These generated sound patterns signify the condition of the engines, which in turn is used for diagnosing various faults. In this paper, the sound signals produced by motorcycles are analyzed to locate various faults. The important attributes are extracted from the generated sound signals based on time, frequency and wavelet domains which clearly describe the statistical behavior of the signals. Further, various types of faults are classified using the Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) classifier from the extracted features. Moreover, the improved classification performance is obtained by the combination of feature sets… More
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