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In order to maintain a reasonable cost for large scale structures such as airframes, offshore structures, nuclear plants etc., it is generally accepted that improved methods for structural integrity and durability assessment are required. Structural Health Monitoring (SDHM) had emerged as an active area of research for fatigue life and damage accumulation prognostics.

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  • Experimental Study on Fatigue Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beams in Corrosive Environment with Cyclic Loads
  • Abstract In marine environments, reinforced concrete bridge structures are subjected to cyclic loads and chloride ingress, which results in corrosion of the reinforcing bars, early deterioration, durability loss, and a considerable reduction in the fatigue strength. Owing to the complexity of the problem and the difficulty of testing, there are few studies on the fatigue performance of concrete structures under the combined action of corrosion environment and cyclic load. Therefore, a coupling test device for corrosion and cyclic load is designed and fatigue tests of reinforced concrete beams in air environments and chlorine salt corrosive environments are carried out. The fatigue… More
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  • Improvement of UAV Based an Evaluation Approach to Mid-High Rise Buildings’ Exterior Walls
  • Abstract This research will develop a set of assessment techniques and procedures for exterior wall deterioration detection. The proposed method is mainly based on equipped with high-resolution photographic equipment for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). To overcome the problems of visual inspection difficulties due to different angles and height, the proposed method provides a safer and more efficient detection way to get the buildings’ exterior status. After using the proposed method to analyze the images taken from UAV, the size of the damaged area can be evaluated more accurately, and the accuracy rate of visual assessment will be significantly improved. The results… More
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  • Comparative Study on Tool Fault Diagnosis Methods Using Vibration Signals and Cutting Force Signals by Machine Learning Technique
  • Abstract The state of cutting tool determines the quality of surface produced on the machined parts. A faulty tool produces poor surface, inaccurate geometry and non-economic production. Thus, it is necessary to monitor tool condition for a machining process to have superior quality and economic production. In the present study, fault classification of single point cutting tool for hard turning has been carried out by employing machine learning technique. Cutting force and vibration signals were acquired to monitor tool condition during machining. A set of four tooling conditions namely healthy, worn flank, broken insert and extended tool overhang have been considered… More
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  • Characteristics on Seawater Corrosion of Intensely Weathered Surrounding Rock of Subsea Tunnel
  • Abstract Existing studies on the durability of subsea tunnel mainly focus on the concrete deterioration and steel corrosion, while there are few on the influence of mechanical properties deterioration of surrounding rock on the durability of subsea tunnel. To improve the accuracy of long-term stability prediction, seawater corrosion tests of intensely weathered surrounding rock of subsea tunnel are carried out. In this study, the strength characteristics of remolded samples of intensely weathered granite under different seawater concentrations are investigated, the strength attenuation equation under seawater corrosion is established, and the chemical damage evolution equation and model parameters are formulated, The findings… More
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  • Experimental Study on Properties of Masonry Infill Walls Connected to Steel Frames with Different Connection Details
  • Abstract The properties of infills and the way they are connected to frames may have significant effects on the seismic behavior of the structure. This study presents an experimental study on evaluation and testing of five single story, single bay samples with the scale 1:3. This study strives to evaluate the behavior of masonry infill walls encased in steel frames, with emphasis on different details of the connection of the wall to the frame. Four frames with masonry infills and one frame without infill are experimented on by applying lateral load to their upper beams. Different details of the connection between… More
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