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Journal of Quantum Computing is a high-impact, international journal publishing cutting-edge experimental and theoretical research in all areas of Quantum Computing and Information Science. Topics of interest include quantum computer science, Quantum machine learning, quantum secure communications, quantum information processing, quantum imaging and networking, quantum cryptography, entanglement and discord, quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and fault tolerance, and experimental platforms for quantum information.

  • Quantum Blockchain: A Decentralized, Encrypted and Distributed Database Based on Quantum Mechanics
  • Abstract Quantum blockchain can be understood as a decentralized, encrypted and distributed database based on quantum computation and quantum information theory. Once the data is recorded in the quantum blockchain, it will not be maliciously tampered with. In recent years, the development of quantum computation and quantum information theory makes more and more researchers focus on the research of quantum blockchain. In this paper, we review the developments in the field of quantum blockchain, and briefly analyze its advantages compared with the classical blockchain. The construction and the framework of the quantum blockchain are introduced. Then we introduce the method of… More
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  • An Ui Design Optimization Strategy for General App in Big Data Environment
  • Abstract Due to the huge amount of increasing data, the requirements of people for electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks are constantly improving. The development and design of various software applications attach great importance to users’ experiences. The rationalized UI design should allow a user not only enjoy the visual design experience of the new product but also operating it more pleasingly. This process is to enhance the attractiveness and performance of the new product and thus to promote the active usage and consuming conduct of users. In this paper, an UI design optimization strategy for general APP… More
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  • Quantum Multi-User Detection Based on Coherent State Signals
  • Abstract Multi-user detection is one of the important technical problems for modern communications. In the field of quantum communication, the multi-access channel on which we apply the technology of quantum information processing is still an open question. In this work, we investigate the multi-user detection problem based on the binary coherent-state signals whose communication way is supposed to be seen as a quantum channel. A binary phase shift keying model of this multi-access channel is studied and a novel method of quantum detection proposed according to the conclusion of the quantum measurement theory. As a result, the average interference between deferent… More
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  • Anti-Noise Quantum Network Coding Protocol Based on Bell States and Butterfly Network Model
  • Abstract How to establish a secure and efficient quantum network coding algorithm is one of important research topics of quantum secure communications. Based on the butterfly network model and the characteristics of easy preparation of Bell states, a novel anti-noise quantum network coding protocol is proposed in this paper. The new protocol encodes and transmits classical information by virtue of Bell states. It can guarantee the transparency of the intermediate nodes during information, so that the eavesdropper Eve disables to get any information even if he intercepts the transmitted quantum states. In view of the inevitability of quantum noise in quantum… More
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  • Quantum Algorithm for Appointment Scheduling
  • Abstract Suppose a practical scene that when two or more parties want to schedule an appointment, they need to share their calendars with each other in order to make it possible. According to the present result the whole communication cost to solve this problem should be their calendars’ length by using a classical algorithm. In this work, we investigate the appointment schedule issue made by N users and try to accomplish it in quantum information case. Our study shows that the total communication cost will be quadratic times smaller than the conventional case if we apply a quantum algorithm in the… More
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