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Cybersecurity is the basis of information dissemination in the internet age.The Journal of Cyber Security focuses on all aspects of sciences, technologies, and applications relating to hardware security, software security and system security.

  • The Development of Proxy Re-Encryption
  • Abstract With the diversification of electronic devices, cloud-based services have become the link between different devices. As a cryptosystem with secure conversion function, proxy re-encryption enables secure sharing of data in a cloud environment. Proxy re-encryption is a public key encryption system with ciphertext security conversion function. A semi-trusted agent plays the role of ciphertext conversion, which can convert the user ciphertext into the same plaintext encrypted by the principal’s public key. Proxy re-encryption has been a hotspot in the field of information security since it was proposed by Blaze et al. [Blaze, Bleumer and Strauss (1998)]. After 20 years of… More
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  • Searchable Encryption with Access Control on Keywords in Multi-User Setting
  • Abstract Searchable encryption technology makes it convenient to search encrypted data with keywords for people. A data owner shared his data with other users on the cloud server. For security, it is necessary for him to build a fine-grained and flexible access control mechanism. The main idea of this paper is to let the owner classify his data and then authorizes others according to categories. The cloud server maintains a permission matrix, which will be used to verify whether a trapdoor is valid or not. In this way we can achieve access control and narrow the search range at the same… More
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  • A New Adaptive Regularization Parameter Selection Based on Expected Patch Log Likelihood
  • Abstract Digital images have been applied to various areas such as evidence in courts. However, it always suffers from noise by criminals. This type of computer network security has become a hot issue that can’t be ignored. In this paper, we focus on noise removal so as to provide guarantees for computer network security. Firstly, we introduce a well-known denoising method called Expected Patch Log Likelihood (EPLL) with Gaussian Mixture Model as its prior. This method achieves exciting results in noise removal. However, there remain problems to be solved such as preserving the edge and meaningful details in image denoising, cause… More
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  • An Amorphous 2-Dimensional Barcode
  • Abstract Most existing 2-dimensional barcodes are designed with a fixed shape and clear area. Having a fixed shape and clear area makes the barcode difficult to lay out with other text and pictures. To solve this problem, an amorphous 2-dimensional barcode is presented in this paper. The barcode uses encoding graph units to encode data. There are two key points in a 2-dimensional barcode: One is the encoding graph unit, the other is its encoding rules. Because encoding graph units of a 2-dimensional barcode are surrounded by other graphics, the units should be self-positioned and distinguished from other units. This paper… More
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  • Privacy-Preserving Genetic Algorithm Outsourcing in Cloud Computing
  • Abstract Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been widely used to solve various optimization problems. As the solving process of GA requires large storage and computing resources, it is well motivated to outsource the solving process of GA to the cloud server. However, the algorithm user would never want his data to be disclosed to cloud server. Thus, it is necessary for the user to encrypt the data before transmitting them to the server. But the user will encounter a new problem. The arithmetic operations we are familiar with cannot work directly in the ciphertext domain. In this paper, a privacy-preserving outsourced genetic… More
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