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The International Journal of Mental Health Promotion (IJMHP) co-ordinates the dissemination of new research outcomes to all those involved in research, practice, and policymaking of mental health and mental health promotion, prevention and intervention program, together with mental disorder diagnosis and treatment. It was the first journal in the field and is essential reading for those with a personal or professional interest in this work.
Peer reviewed by an expert international board, the Journal is a comprehensive information resource which publishes material of distinction submitted by health services researchers, managers, health promotion professionals, educationalists, sociologists, health economists and practitioners, together with psychiatry and psychology researchers, clinical/medical staff from all branches of health and social care.

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IJMHP is designed to increase awareness, foster understanding and promote collaboration between the different disciplines engaged in this diverse area of practice. It is currently indexed in SSCI, pubmed, scopus, psychoinfo and Google Scholar, etc.

  • Validation of a Self-Assessment Scale for Therapists’ Perception of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills in China: A Mixed Method
  • Abstract Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a first-line psychotherapy in Western countries, yet there have been limited studies examined the required skills based on perception of CBT therapists in the context of Western countries, and there has been no such research in China. Currently, there is no exist of a selfassessment scale to evaluate the required competence perceived by CBT therapists in China. This study used both qualitative and quantitative method to develop a self-assessment tool by CBT therapist to provide their perception about required skills in the treatment of mental disorders in China. Qualitative research used semistructured behavioural event interviews… More
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  • Translation and Validation of the Family-Focused Mental Health Practice Questionnaire-Japanese Version
  • Abstract Children of parents with mental illness are more likely to experience mental health concerns, compared to other children in the community. Thus, it is important mental health professionals identify and intervene appropriately in these families. To develop professional development activities, practice guidelines and organizational supports, it is important to first identify those practices that professionals employ and do not employ. Accordingly, a Japanese version of the Family-Focused Mental Health Practice Questionnaire was developed. In the first instance, the Questionnaire was translated into Japanese and disseminated to mental health workers in various Japanese settings. Based on 212 participants’ data, exploratory factor… More
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  • Self-Compassion as a Mediator in the Effect of Dispositional Mindfulness on Anxiety and Aggressiveness in College Students with Left-Behind Experience
  • Abstract Few studies have comprehensively explored the mechanism of the association between dispositional mindfulness and the process of internalization and externalization. Given that dispositional mindfulness can enhance the level of self-acceptance, the present study investigated the role of self-compassion in the effect of dispositional mindfulness on anxiety and aggressiveness among college students with left-behind experience (LBE). A total of 385 Chinese college students with LBE reported their level of dispositional mindfulness, anxiety symptoms, aggressiveness, and self-compassion. Dispositional mindfulness was negatively associated with anxiety and aggressiveness after controlling for gender, age, and whether they are the only child in family. Additionally, self-compassion… More
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  • Challenges and Growth as a Mental Health Professional from Volunteering Experiences in the Community Gambling Awareness Campaign
  • Abstract As the demand for high-quality mental health services increases, producing expert nurses with the skills and expertise to deal with various complex mental health situations involving diverse subjects is critical. Nursing programs should be prepared to provide education that can improve mental health professional competence. Using a qualitative study and focus group interviews, we focused on the experiences of nursing students who voluntarily participated in campaign activities to prevent gambling problems. The respondents were 23 nursing students who participated in the campaign for more than four months. Data were analyzed using Downe-Wamboldt’s eight steps of content analysis. The experiences of… More
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  • Factors Associated with Quality of Life of Psychiatric Outpatients with Chronic Pain in South Korea
  • Abstract Chronic pain has a high prevalence rate and is difficult to treat because it is associated with personality, socio-psychological problems as well as physical pain, and thereby degrades one’s quality of life. This study aimed to determine whether psychosocial factors are associated with quality of life among outpatients with chronic pain. The subjects were selected from patients with chronic pain who were receiving outpatient treatment at the mental health department of a university hospital in Seoul, Korea. The participants were 100 patients and the data were collected using structured questionnaires. Patients’ quality of life was significantly positively correlated with pain… More
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