JAOP: Journal of Advanced Optics and Photonics

Figures and Tables


Figures are numbered in the order in which they are called out in the text. It is acceptable to embed figures in the manuscript, but all the figures must also be submitted as individual files in .tif, .eps, .png, PostScript, or PDF format with at least 300 dpi resolution. We cannot accept application files, i.e., Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. All figure parts must be labeled (a), (b), etc. Each figure file should contain all parts of the figure. For example, Fig. 3 contains two parts (a) and (b); therefore, all of the labeled parts should be combined in a single file for Fig. 3.


Fig. 3 Example of a figure caption: (a) Spectrum and (b) Laser device.


Tables are numbered consecutively in order of appearance and they should be placed close to their first reference in the text. Table captions are handled identically to those for figures, except that they appear above the table, and when called out in the text, the word “Table” is always spelled out. See Table 1 for an example.


The following types of multimedia files are accepted: QuickTime Non-Streaming video (.qt or .mov), and MPEG (.mpg or .mp4). The recommended maximum size for each multimedia file is 10-12 MB. Authors must insert a representative “still” image from the video file in the manuscript as a “figure.” This still image will be linked by the publisher to the actual video file, as will the caption label. Video files should be named Video 1, Video 2, etc. Or the multimedia files are treated in the same manner as figures. The multimedia file type should be included in parentheses at the end of the figure caption, along with the file size. See an example, Video 1, below.


Video 1 Example of a multimedia still image (MPEG, 2.5 MB).