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JAOP: Journal of Advanced Optics and Photonics

Fig. 3 Example of a figure caption: (a) Spectrum and (b) Laser device.

4.2  Tables

Tables are numbered consecutively in order of appearance and they should be placed close to their first reference in the text. Table captions are handled identically to those for figures, except that they appear above the table, and when called out in the text, the word “Table” is always spelled out. See Table 1 for an example.

4.3 Multimedia

The following types of multimedia files are accepted: QuickTime Non-Streaming video (.qt or .mov), and MPEG (.mpg or .mp4). The recommended maximum size for each multimedia file is 10-12 MB. Authors must insert a representative “still” image from the video file in the manuscript as a “figure.” This still image will be linked by the publisher to the actual video file, as will the caption label. Video files should be named Video 1, Video 2, etc. Or the multimedia files are treated in the same manner as figures. The multimedia file type should be included in parentheses at the end of the figure caption, along with the file size. See an example, Video 1, below.


Video 1 Example of a multimedia still image (MPEG, 2.5 MB).

Appendix A: Miscellaneous Formatting Details

A.1  Formatting Equations

Equations may appear inline with the text, if they are simple, short, and not of major importance; e.g., a = b/c. Important equations appear on their own line. For example, “The expression for the field of view is

                                                               ,                                                                      (1)

where a is the …” Principal equations are numbered, with the equation number placed within parentheses and right justified. Authors are strongly encouraged to use MS Word Equation Editor or MathType to create both in-text and display equations. Equations are considered to be part of a sentence and should be punctuated accordingly.

A.2  Formatting Theorems

To include theorems in a formal way, the theorem identification should appear in a 10pt, bold font, left justified and followed by a period. Formal statements of lemmas and algorithms receive a similar treatment. The text of the theorem continues on the same line in normal, 10pt font.


This unnumbered section is used to identify people who aided the authors in accomplishing the work presented, to state conflicts of interest, and to acknowledge source of funding.


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First Author is a professor of optical engineering at the University of Advanced Optics and Photonics. He received his BS and MS degrees in physics from the University of Optics in 1985 and 1987, respectively, and his Ph.D. degree in optics and electrical engineering from the Institute of Technology in 1991.  He is the author of more than 50 journal papers and has written three book chapters. His current research interests include optical interconnects, holography, and optoelectronic systems. He is a fellow of SPIE and a senior member of IEEE.
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