MultivariableWavelet Finite Element for Plane Truss Analysis
Xingwu Zhang, Jixuan Liu, Xuefeng Chen and Zhibo Yang

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 109, No. 5, pp. 405-425, 2015
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Keywords Multivariable, B-spline wavelet on the interval, Axial rod, Euler beam, Plane truss.

Plane truss is widely used in mechanical engineering, building engineering and the aerospace engineering et al.. The precisely analysis of plane truss is very important for structural design and damage detection. Based on the generalized variational principle and B spline wavelet on the interval (BSWI), the multivariable wavelet finite element for plane truss is constructed. First, the wavelet axial rod element and the multivariable wavelet Euler beam element are constructed. Then the multivariable plane truss element can be obtained by combining these two elements together. Comparing with the traditional method, the generalized displacement and stress are treated as independent variables in multivariable method, so differentiation and integration are avoided in calculation, the efficiency and precision can be improved. Furthermore, compared with commonly used Daubechies wavelet, BSWI has explicit expression and excellent approximation property, which further guarantees satisfactory results. The efficiency of the constructed multivariable wavelet elements is validated through several numerical examples in the end.

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