Modelling of Landslides: An SPH Approach
M. Pastor, T. Blanc, V. Drempetic, P. Dutto, M. Martín Stickle1 and A.Yagüe

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 109, No. 2, pp. 183-220, 2015
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Keywords Landslide propagation, flowslides, depth integrated model, coupled vertical pore pressure, frictional fluid rheological model.

This paper presents a model (mathematical, rheological and numerical) for triggering and propagation of landslides presenting coupling between the solid skeleton and the pore fluid. The model consists of two sub models, a depth integrated model incorporating the propagation equations, and a 1D model describing pore pressure evolution. The depth integrated sub model is discretized using a set of SPH nodes, each one having an associated finite difference mesh for discretizing the pore pressure evolution. The model we propose differs from other depth integrated models with coupled pore pressures proposed in the past in the way pore pressures are described in the soil mass. Here, we will not restrict the analysis to an assumed shape function fulfilling boundary conditions, but we will rather use a full approximation of pore pressures inside the landslide.

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