Analysis of Square-shaped Crack in Layered Halfspace Subject to Uniform Loading over Rectangular Surface Area
H. T. Xiao, Y. Y. Xie and Z. Q. Yue

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 109, No. 1, pp. 55-80, 2015
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Keywords layered halfspace, square-shaped crack, stress intensity factors, crack growth, minimum strain energy density criterion, numerical methods.

This paper examines the problem of a square-shaped crack embedded in a layered half-space whose external surface is subject to a uniform loading over a rectangular area. Two novel numerical methods and the superposition principle in fracture mechanics are employed for the analysis of the crack problem. The numerical methods are based on the fundamental solution of a multilayered elastic medium and are, respectively, applied to calculate the stress fields of layered halfspace without cracks and the discontinuous displacements of crack surfaces in layered halfspace. The stress intensity factor (SIF) values are calculated using discontinuous displacements and the influence of material properties and crack positions on the SIF values is analyzed. Using the minimum strain energy density criterion and the SIF values, the minimum values of the strain energy density factor are calculated and the crack growth is analyzed. Results show that the heterogeneity of layered media exerts an obvious influence on the fracture properties of cracked layered elastic solids.

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