Long Endurance and Long Distance Trajectory Optimization for Engineless UAV by Dynamic Soaring
B. J. Zhu, Z. X. Hou, X. Z.Wang and Q. Y. Chen

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 106, No. 5, pp. 357-377, 2015
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Keywords long endurance, long distance, dynamic soaring, non-linear optimal control.

The paper presents a comprehensive study on the performance of long endurance and long distance trajectory optimization of engineless UAV in dynamic soaring. A dynamic model of engineless UAV in gradient wind field is developed. Long endurance and long distance trajectory optimization problems are modelled by non-linear optimal control equations. Two different boundary conditions are considered and results are compared: (i) open long endurance pattern, (ii) closed long endurance pattern, (iii) open long distance pattern. In patterns of (i) and (ii), the UAV return to original position with the maximum flying time in pattern (ii) , and in patterns of (ii) and (iii), the maximum distance and minimum flying time occur in pattern (iii). The energy variations trends of three patterns have shown a fairly similar pattern. In the gradient wind field, long endurance and long distance are two independent flight patterns for engineless UAV by dynamic soaring.

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