Finding the Generalized SolitaryWave Solutions within the (G'/G)-Expansion Method
K. Sayevand, Yasir Khan, E. Moradi and M. Fardi

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 105, No. 5, pp. 361-373, 2015
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Keywords (G'/G)-expansion method, Nonlinear evolution equations, EW-Burgers equation, Bratu and sinh-Bratu type equations.

In this study, the solitary wave solutions for third order equal-width wave-Burgers (EW-Burgers) equation, the second order Bratu and sinh-Bratu type equations will be discussed. The EW-Burgers equation models the propagation of nonlinear and dispersive waves with certain dissipative effects and furthermore the Bratu type problem appears a simplification of the solid fuel ignition model in thermal combustion theory. Our methodology, is investigated by using (G'/G)- expansion method. The obtained results can be extended to the other models.

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