An alternating finite difference material point method for numerical simulation of high explosive explosion problems
X. X. Cui, X. Zhang, K. Y. Sze and X. Zhou

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 92, No. 5, pp. 507-538, 2013
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Keywords High explosive explosion, material point method, multi-material finite difference method, marker points, fluid-structure interaction

Based on the material point method (MPM), an alternating finite difference material point (AFDMP) method is proposed for modeling the 3D high explosive (HE) explosion and its interaction with structures nearby. The initiatory detonation and eventual fluid structure interaction (FSI) are simulated by the standard MPM. On the other hand, the finite difference method (FDM) is employed to simulate the dispersion of the detonation products into the surrounding air where the particles degenerate to marker points which track the moving interface between detonation products and air. The conversion between MPM and FDM is implemented by the projection between the particles variables in MPM and the cell centers variables in FDM. In several numerical tests, predictions of the proposed method tests are in good agreement with theoretical solutions or empirical formulae. They illustrate that the method can yield good prediction for the entire HE explosion process.

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