Impact Failure Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structural Components by Using Finite Element Method
A. Ramachandra Murthy; G.S. Palani; Nagesh R. Iyer; Smitha Gopinath; V. Ramesh Kumar

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 86, No. 5, pp. 409-434, 2012
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Keywords Impact analysis, Concrete damage model, Contact algorithm, Nonlinear transient dynamic analysis, Finite element analysis
Abstract This paper presents the details of projectile impact on reinforced concrete structural components. Nonlinear explicit transient dynamic analysis has been carried out by using finite element method. Concrete damage model has been employed to represent the nonlinear behaviour of target under impact load. Various methods of modeling of reinforcement have been explained. A brief note on equation of state for concrete, contact algorithms and nonlinear explicit transient dynamic analysis has been given. Numerical studies have been carried out to compute the response of concrete target due to impact of projectile. The computed penetration depth have been compared with the corresponding experimental observations and found that they are in good agreement with each other. Further, parametric studies have been conducted for various grades of concrete, caliber radius head and design expressions have been proposed to compute the penetration depth.
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