Error Analysis of Various Basis Functions Used in BEM Solution of Acoustic Scattering
B. Chandrasekhar;

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 56, No. 3, pp. 211-230, 2010
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Keywords Acoustic scattering, Boundary Element Method, Method of moments, Error analysis, Patch based basis functions, Edge based basis functions, Node based basis functions, Boundary integral equations.
Abstract In this work, various basis functions used in the Method of Moments or Boundary Element (MoM/BEM) solution of acoustic scattering problems are compared with each other for their performance. Single layer formulation of the rigid bodies is considered in comparison of the solutions. Geometry of a scatterer is descritized using triangular patch modeling and basis functions are defined on triangular patches, edges and nodes for three different solutions. Far field scattering cross sections for different frequencies of incident acoustic wave are compared with the closed form solutions. Also, the errors of the solutions using these three types of basis functions are computed and plotted. Finally important conclusions are drawn and future work defined.
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