An Investigation of Metal 3D Spheroidal Resonators Using a Body of Revolution Approach
A. Vukovic; P. Sewell and T. M. Benson

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 55, No. 2, pp. 171-190, 2010
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Keywords Body of revolution, integral equation method, Method of Analytical Regularization, metal spheroids.
Abstract A fast and accurate method is developed for the analysis of a class of metal three-dimensional resonators with rotational symmetry. The analysis is formulated using the Body of Revolution approach and the Method of Analytical Regularization. This development is motivated by the need for three-dimensional analytical solvers that could enable fast and accurate analysis of photonic resonant structures which support very high Q whispering gallery modes and which are computationally challenging for numerical simulations. The paper outlines the formulation of the method and demonstrates the stability and the source of computation errors of the method. As a practical illustration, the values obtained for the resonant frequencies of metal prolate and oblate resonators are compared with results from both numerical and exact analytic methods.
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