Large-Scale Parallel Finite Element Analyses of High Frequency Electromagnetic Field in Commuter Trains
A. Takei; S. Yoshimura; and H. Kanayama

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 13-24, 2008
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Keywords ADVENTURE system, Large-scale analyses, Finite element method, HDDM, Environmental electromagnetic field.
Abstract This paper presents large-scale finite element analyses of high frequency electromagnetic fields in commuter trains. The ADVENTURE{\_}Magnetic is one of the main modules of the ADVENTURE system, which is an open source parallel finite element analyses system, and is able to solve eddy current and magnetostatic problems using the hierarchical domain decomposition method (HDDM) with an iterative linear algebraic solver. In this paper, we improve the module so as to solve a high frequency electromagnetic field of 500-1000 M[Hz]. A stationary Helmholtz equation for electromagnetic wave problems is solved taking an electric field as an unknown function. In this study, stable convergence is achieved by adding a stability term. Basic performance of the module is first investigated by solving a simple model. Then a part of a commuter train with seats, handrails and two human bodies is precisely modeled into a large-scale finite element mesh with Nedelec elements of about 5.2 million degrees of freedom (DOFs). The results prove that the improved module can predict precisely the distribution of the electromagnetic field produced by mobile phones inside commuter trains.
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