On Numerical Modeling of Cyclic Elastoplastic Response of Shell Structures
Zdenko Tonkovi ' c; Jurica Sori ' c; and Ivica Skozrit

Source CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 75-90, 2008
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Keywords Shell structures; Finite element analysis; Cyclic elastoplasticity; Nonlinear kinematic hardening; Integration algorithm; Tensor formulation
Abstract An efficient numerical algorithm for modeling of cyclic elastoplastic deformation of shell structures is derived. The constitutive model includes highly nonlinear multi-component forms of kinematic and isotropic hardening functions in conjunction with von Mises yield criterion. Therein, the closest point projection algorithm employing the Reissner-Mindlin type kinematic model, completely formulated in tensor notation, is applied. A consistent elastoplastic tangent modulus ensures high convergence rates in the global iteration approach. The integration algorithm has been implemented into a layered assumed strain isoparametric finite shell element, which is capable of geometrical nonlinearities including finite rotations. Numerical examples, considering the symmetric and nonsymmetric loading controlled tests, illustrate the ratcheting effect and stabilization of the load-displacement response. Accuracy and robustness of the proposed algorithms are demonstrated.
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