Computing the Electric and Magnetic Green’s Functions in General Electrically Gyrotropic Media
V. G. Yakhno, B. Çiçek

Source CMC: Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 141-166, 2014
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Keywords Gyro-electric materials, Green’s functions, analytical method, simulation
Abstract A method for an approximate computation of the electric and magnetic Green’s functions for the time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations in the general electrically gyrotropic materials is proposed. This method is based on the Fourier transform meta-approach: the equations for electric and magnetic fields are written in terms of images of the Fourier transform with respect to space variables and as a result of it the linear algebraic systems for finding Fourier images of the columns of the Green’s functions are obtained. The explicit formulas for the solutions of the obtained systems have been found. Finally, elements of the Green’s functions are determined by the inverse Fourier transform in the space of tempered distributions. The approximate computation of the inverse Fourier transform has been implemented by MATLAB tools. The computational experiments confirm the robustness of the method.
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