Electromagnetic Performance Analysis of Novel Multi-band Metamaterial FSS for Millimeter Wave Radome Applications
Shiv Narayan; Shamala Joshi B.; Raveendranath U. Nair; R M Jha

Source CMC: Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 1-16, 2012
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Keywords Metamaterial, FSS, Dual-band metamaterial-FSS, Transmission line transfer matrix method, MMW
Abstract The electromagnetic design and performance analysis of dual/ multi-band metamaterial frequency selective surface (FSS) structures have been carried out for radome applications in microwave and millimeter wave frequency regimes. The proposed metamaterial FSS structure, consisting of cascaded MNG (mu-nega -tive) and DPS (double positive) layers, exhibits dual-band transmission responses at V-band and W-band. Excellent transmission efficiency (more than 95%) has been obtained over the frequency range 45.8-53.1 GHz at first resonance, and from 93.0-97.1 GHz at second resonance. The incorporation of additional DPS layer to the proposed metamaterial-FSS structure facilitates multiband bandpass characteristics at 30 GHz (in Ka-band), 64 GHz (in V-band), and 93.6 GHz (in W-band). The reflection and insertion phase delay characteristics are also analyzed at high incidence angles in view of streamlined airborne nosecone radome applications.
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