Studies of Texture Gradients in the Localized Necking Band of AA5754 by EBSD and Microstructure-Based Finite Element Modeling
Xiaohua Hu; Gordana A. Cingara, David S. Wilkinson, Mukesh Jain;
Peidong Wu and Raja K. Mishra;

Source CMC: Computers, Materials, & Continua, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 99-124, 2009
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Keywords Localized necking, texture gradient, EBSD, finite element modeling
Abstract This work aims to understand the texture distribution in the localized necking band formed during uni-axial tension of AA5754 using an edge-constrained, plane strain post-necking FE model. The model domain is a long cross section of the band. Initial grain structure is mapped into the mesh from EBSD data using a modified Voroni-cell interpolation and considering pre-straining prior to localized necking. The material points in grains are assumed to exhibit isotropic elastoplastic behavior but have a relative strength in terms of Taylor factors which are updated by a Taylor-Bishop-Hill model. The predicted textures and gradients within the localized necking band correlate well with experimental measurements where large rigid body rotation and lattice spin are experienced due to geometric constraints and excessive deformation in the band.
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