• The 2020 International Conference on Infrastructural Diagnosis, Prognosis and Management (IDPM 2020)

  • About:
    On behalf of the Scientific Committee and Organizing Committee, we extend our cordial invitation to scholars and engineers in the area of Structural health diagnosis and Prognosis to participate in the 2020 International Conference on Infrastructural Diagnosis, Prognosis and Management (IDPM), to be held 16-18 October 2020, in Nanjing, China! IDPM2020 aims to provide an important platform for networking scholars, engineers and students to show their state-of-art research, transfer new knowledge and boost interdisciplinary collaboration in areas of infrastructural diagnosis, prognosis and structural health monitoring. Conference papers will be published in IDPM2020 proceedings, high-quality papers included in which are also recommended to IDPM2020 Special Issues on SCI-indexed Journals as below (only papers presented at the conference will be considered).
  • Topics:
    • Structural Health Monitoring

    • Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation

    • Advanced and Smart Sensors/Sensing Technology

    • In-suit/Wireless/On-line Sensing network

    • Big Data/Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning in Infrastructures

    • Fault Identification and Diagnostics

    • Failure Prognostics and Early-warming

    • Intelligent Health Management

    • SHM-oriented Metamaterials

    • Industrial Applications in Infrastructures

    • Load Identification and Monitoring

    • Vibration Isolation and Mitigation

    • Modal Analysis and Signal Processing

    • Numerical Simulation of Infrastructures

    • Computational Methods for Infrastructures

  • Contact:

    IDPM2020 Secretariat: Mrs. Fan

    Email: info@idpm-china.com

    Telephone: (025)58267096/17602551874