Structural Integrity & Durability

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By Satya N.Atluri

". . . Structural Integrity and Durability contains a wealth of useful information and is an excellent reference book for engineersworking in this area. All engineering libraries should have a copy available for its patrons."

- Applied Mechanics Reviews,Vol. 51, No. 1, 1998

The first comprehensive reference work on structural integrity, damage
tolerance, and durability of metal and composite built-upstructures. Derived from 25 years of research, the monograph focuses on computational methods in fracture mechanics and theirapplication in assessing the integrity of structural components and built-up structures used in the aerospace, mechanical, and civilindustries. Contains comprehensive list of references and an author index.

Chapter Titles:

Fundamental Concepts
. Analytical Solutions for Cracks Embedded in Linear-Elastic Infinite Domains
. Computational Methods forEvaluating Structural Integrity and Durability
. Damage Tolerance, Integrity, and Durability of Built-Up Metallic Structures
. Composite Structures.

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