Design-Sensitivity Analysis

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This book comprises of of 11 authoritative articles, written by leading reasearchers in the subject, from across the world. It considers the relationship between the structural mechanics problem, and the design variables available to the analyst and adopted in the input phase of the solution process. The list of articles in this book follows.

Recent advances in boundary element approach to design sensitivity analysis - A survey

. Advanced sensitivity analysis techniques for improving automobile noise & vibration and crashworthiness characteristics
. Incremental sensitivity analysis in nonlinear structural dynamics
. Stochastic boundary element approach to shape design sensitivity analysis
. Sensitivity analysis in postbuckling problems
. Bladed disk assembly response sensitivity to mistuning patterns
. Sensititvity analysis for homologous mode realization
. Direct differentiation method for shape design sensitivity analysis of thermal conducting solids
. Optimal structural synthesis utilizing shape, material and sizing sensitivities
. First- and higher-order design sensitivity analysis using an automatic differentiation technique
. Comparison of different sensitivity analysis algorithms for large deformation elastic-plastic problems